Posted by: CyberHZ | 22/12/2010

My Poem

Yo, this time, i would like to share a poem. It’s not totally my work, i have a friend that help me. Here is the poem.


My things are lost
When I get up
Each night I rest
I am waken up

I gulp five pounds of marshmallow
Together with a lobster
Tomorrow, I lost my pillow
Together with my bolster

I lick on ice cream with worms
Suddenly the worms glow in the light
Then they squirm
Immediately I sit up right

Posted by: CyberHZ | 22/10/2010

ZD Hotkeys

Hi, it’s me again,
Haven’t posted anything for the last 2 weeks, i guess. So? miss me? :P, don’t mind it i am just kidding.
Right, so uhm, What am i going to say is um…………………………………

Oh yes, i remember, so i have made a new program called ZD Hotkeys, it’s an abbreviation from ZaroDota Hotkeys, Quite odd huh the name, but uh, Yup , it’s for Dota Freak. If you’re playing dota from a laptop or perhaps, you’re playing dota from your PC but the Numpad isn’t working well. Now, there’s a solution. Download my program and you won’t find Numpad as constructive as my program.

Here are the changes i have made
Num7 –> Click on your middle button of your mouse
Num8 –> Hold Alt and Click on your middle button of your mouse
Num4 –> Scroll up your mouse. In other words, Scroll up your middle button instead of clicking it
Num5 –> Hold Alt and Scroll up your mouse. In other words, Scroll up your middle button instead of clicking it
Num1 –> Scroll down your mouse. In other words, Scroll down your middle button instead of clicking it
Num2 –> Hold Alt and Scroll down your mouse. In other words, Scroll down your middle button instead of clicking it

To download it click on the link below

ZD Hotkeys

Hope you find it helpful.

Posted by: CyberHZ | 08/10/2010

Profile Saver

Hello there,
This is the first time for me to post about programming. Moreover, I haven’t posted anything for almost 2 months i guess .I have been very busy recently with my homework, but that’s not the point, let’s us get out of this bullshit, shall we?
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Posted by: CyberHZ | 23/07/2010

Buying 1 for Everything

A guy walks into a supermarket and buys the following items :

1 toothbrush
1 frozen dinner
1 can of beef
1 box of cereal
1 can of coke
1 mug
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Posted by: CyberHZ | 16/07/2010

Skip a Day

A woman is terribly overweight. Therefore, she visits a doctor for some advices. The doctor prescribes a medicine for her and says : “Consume this medicine twice a day, skip a day, then consume it again. Repeat this for 2 weeks. You’ll have to loss at least 5 pounds the next time i see you(two weeks).”
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Posted by: CyberHZ | 11/07/2010

Paper Stick on The Top of Glass

Today we are going to know why can a paper stick at the top of a glass which is filled with water.

Try it out : Prepare a piece of paper with a length of 10 cm, or we can say which can cover all of the top of your glass. Prepare a glass of water. I am sorry a glass full with water.
Put the paper on the top of the glass(full with water). Spin the glass for about 180 degrees. In other words, turn the glass till the paper faces the ground. Hold the paper so that it will not fell. After 5 seconds, release your hand and Tha…Daaa. The paper sticks.

Explanation : when you cover your glass full of water with paper, it actually has no more air inside. Therefore, after you spin it, hold the paper for 5 seconds and release your hand, the air around you push the paper upwards. The water also has mass which direction is downwards. However, the air pressure which is upwards is bigger than the mass which cause the paper don’t fall. Moreover, the bond between the paper and the water also affect it. Find out cohesion and adhesion.

Posted by: CyberHZ | 09/07/2010

Chased by Big Animal

In this case, we are chased by big animal such as elephant, bear. The best way to run in order to flee from the beast is to run in a straight line or in a zigzag way.

After you read this article, i hope you find it easy and logical.

First of all you need to know the word INERTIA (laziness). Everything which has mass has reluctance to change it’s motion. Anything which has more mass will have greater inertia. In other words, the heavier an object is, the harder for it to start moving, slow down, change direction, etc.

From this theory we can conclude that it is better to run zigzag. Why? Since elephant has huge mass, it will have a huge inertia. That makes an elephant difficult to chase you in a zigzag way. Even if it did run in a zigzag way, it would probably fell.

Hope you enjoy it.